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Jess Smith

Jess Smith is a traditional storyteller from Perthshire. A Traveller, Jess’s chlldhood was spent travelling the length and breadth of Scotland in an old blue bus. Her three autobiographical books – Jessie’s Journey, Tales From The Tent and Tears for A Tinker – chart her life, from early childhood until the time she left the travelling life. The books are rich in stories – of ghosts and fairies, of childhood innocence and family sadness, all with a rich vein of humour. All three books have quickly become Scottish best-sellers.

The stories she tells have been handed down through generations of traveller’s tales, camp fire gatherings and family traditions. Jess is now a professional storyteller, and runs workshops, gatherings, concerts and fora, and is a member of the Scottish Storytelling Centre.

Jess’s first novel was Braur’s Rest, and has also written a short story collection called Sookin’ Berries.

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