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Lucinda Hare

Lucinda Hare is a children’s writer and illustrator from Edinburgh, who now lives in Lasswade in Midlothian. She was born in Edinburgh and raised in East Lothian. She studied history at history and worked in a number of roles in Scotland and South Africa. In 1999 she married her husband Paul and moved to Lasswade where she started adopting rescued animals – dogs, cats, rabbits, guinea pigs and hens.

Although Hare has always been a keen writer and illustrator of fantasy fiction and creatures, it wasn’t until 2009 that her first novel, The Dragon Whisperer, was published, and it was shortlisted for the Royal Mail Awards for Scottish Children’s Books in 2010. Her novels are set in a fantasy world called Dragonsdome, and she has written two unpublished novels set in the same world from a young adult perspective. The map from the Dragonsdome world bears a remarkable similarity to that of Scotland, with many crossovers between the novels and the geography of Scotland.

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