Image Comics
FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781534300934
RRP: £14.99
PAGES: 192
PUBLICATION DATE: February 14, 2017



By (author) Grant Morrison

NAMELESS tells the story of a down-at-heel occult hustler known only as “”Nameless”” who is recruited by a consortium of billionaire futurists as part of a desperate mission to save the world. A massive asteroid named Xibalba – the “”Place of Fear”” in Mayan mythology – is on collision course with the planet Earth and if that wasn’t trouble enough, the asteroid has an enormous magical symbol carved into its side and is revealed to be a fragment of our solar system’s lost fifth planet, Marduk, destroyed 65 million years ago at the end of an epic cosmic war between the inhabitants of Marduk and immensely-powerful, life-hating, extra-dimensional “”gods””. One of those beings is still alive, imprisoned on Xibalba, dreaming of its ultimate revenge on all that exists. When Nameless and his team-mates inadvertently unleash this malignant soul-destroying intelligence, the stage is set for a nightmarish, nihilistic journey to the outer reaches of human terror. Collects THE NAMELESS numbered 1-6.

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