McNidder & Grace
FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9780857161581
RRP: £8.99
PUBLICATION DATE: March 16, 2017


The Blood Acre

By (author) R. J. Mitchell

Fresh from his exploits in The Shift, Z325 Constable Angus Thoroughgood finds himself assigned to Community Policing in the crime-ridden Balornock Area of Glasgow, an area known for its horrific drugs problem, violent petty crime and unemployment, in short an area where the inhabitants live without hope. With the drugs problem causing the area to be terrorised by a team of notorious housebreakers, known as ‘The Creepers’, Thoroughgood and his partner Kenny Hardie, who has been busted out of plain clothes, turn their attention to breaking ‘The Creepers’ hold on Balornock and turning one of the most notorious burglars Jeb Nicholas, into their star informant. With Nicholas now on side the results are so spectacular that Thoroughgood comes to the attention of the newly appointed DI Sean O’Toole but instead of rewarding Thoroughgood for his high clear up rate with the position of the CID Aide that he craves, the DI demands Thoroughgood hands over all his informants to his favourite DC Jimmy Lynch, if he is to have his dream of a place in the CID realised.Desperate to begin his CID career he craves yet determined not to be bullied Thoroughgood refuses to do so and O’Toole vows to destroy the young cop but just as it seems his hopes of making Detective are over before they have truly begun the young cop receives information that O’Toole is in turn in the pay of one of Glasgow’s most feared crime lords Tony McGrain, the man they call ‘The Widowmaker’. While he wages war against ‘The Creepers’ and attempts to wring the information that will expose O’Toole and bring down McGrain, Thoroughgood’s relationship with Celine Lynott is brought to breaking point after she is made manageress of a West End Bar which turns out to be part of the crime empire of rising Partick gangster Declan Meechan. Subsequently Meechan makes it clear that he can help Thoroughgood bring down O’Toole & McGrain by helping him find a piece of ground fabled in Glasgow criminal folklore as ‘The Blood Acre’…the place where McGrain has executed enemies and traitors alike, with one of these corpses in particular providing the information that will tie O’Toole to McGrain and lead to their mutual destruction.It is then that Meechan makes it clear that there is a price for that information…Celine. Placed in an impossible position as O’Toole’s spies in uniform and plain clothes watch the young cop like a hawk, the DI attempts to lure Thoroughgood into a trap that will subdue his threat once and for all. Facing a race against time to bring O’Toole down and play Meechan while thwarting his predatory interest in Celine, Thoroughgood realises that only the information that lies buried in the ‘Blood Acre’ can help him survive.

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