FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9781786891013
RRP: £20.00
PAGES: 320
PUBLICATION DATE: October 5, 2017


The Hidden Ways: Scotland’s Forgotten Roads

By (author) Alistair Moffat

In The Hidden Ways, Alistair Moffat traverses the lost paths of Scotland – its Roman roads tramped by armies, its warpaths and pilgrim routes, drove roads and rail roads, turnpikes and sea roads – in a bid to understand how our history has left its mark upon our landscape. Alistair’s travels along the hidden ways reveal not only the searing beauty and magic of the Scottish landscape, but open up a new means of understanding our past: in retracing the forgotten paths, he charts a powerful, surprising and moving history of Scotland through the unremembered lives who have moved through it.

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