‘It was the kind of gun to give you nightmares: black, shiny, approximately three foot long, and far, far too close for comfort.’

Lesley Kelly has just released the fourth book in her Health of Strangers series, Murder at the Music Factory. If you’ve not come across the series yet, it has never been a more prescient time to do so: Lesley’s books are set in an alternative Edinburgh where a global pandemic has taken hold of the population. She introduces us to the North Edinburgh Enforcement Team, charged with finding people who miss their health checks, and who find themselves embroiled in investigations that are more far-reaching consequences than missing a doctor’s appointment. Here she gives a flavour of the team dynamic in Murder at the Music Factory, and finds time to praise Scotland’s fabulous crime writing commuity.


Murder at the Music Factory
By Lesley Kelly
Published by Sandstone Press



Murder at the Music Factory by Lesley Kelly is published by Sandstone Press, priced £7.99

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