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ISBN: 9781398308817
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BGE S1-S3 Mathematics & Numeracy: Fourth Level bridging to National 5

By (author) Dr Helen Kelly; By (author) Dr Alan Taylor; By (author) Kate McQuillan

Syllabus: CfE (Curriculum for Excellence, from Education Scotland) and SQALevel: BGE S1-3: Fourth LevelSubject: Mathematics & NumeracyAim high and build confidence with this rigorous approach. Pupils are guided through mathematical concepts with worked examples, plenty of practice and opportunities to check that skills are secure before moving on.Covering all CfE Fourth Level Benchmarks (with bridging material to prepare for N5), this ready-made and differentiated course puts progression for every pupil at the heart of your curriculum.> Make new learning manageable: Each concept is introduced through step-by-step explanations and progressive worked examples, with proven methods for mastering difficult concepts> Apply knowledge and practise skills: Pupils are encouraged to test and explore their understanding of new concepts by completing exercises that gradually build in difficulty – with answers provided at the back of the book> Lay firm foundations for National qualifications: Key skills required for N5 Maths are covered in greater depth within the context of Fourth Level topics, giving pupils and teachers a head start in S4> Meet the needs of each pupil in your class: The explanations and activities are designed to ensure accessibility for those with low prior attainment, while coverage of higher order thinking skills will challenge and extend high achieving pupils> Effectively check and assess progress: ‘Check-up’ exercises at the end of each chapter consolidate learning and support formative assessment, helping you to monitor progression against the Experiences & Outcomes and Benchmarks> Deliver the ‘responsibility for all’ Es and Os: Plenty of activities that address literacy and health and wellbeing skills are threaded through the book

Reviews of BGE S1-S3 Mathematics & Numeracy: Fourth Level bridging to National 5

A vibrant and engaging addition to the Hodder Gibson BGE family, this textbook covers all the benchmarks for Mathematics at Fourth Level, extending into National 5 material where appropriate.The introduction sets out the aim that "every topic is explained with rigour, taking no shortcuts, and has an abundance of practice and challenge to suit every learner."A particular strength of this textbook is indeed the level of detail and clarity of the worked examples – useful for both the learner and also parents who may be trying to help! An excellent example of this is the Standard Deviation topic – the explanation is clear enough that a pupil could understand the process just by reading the workedexample, which not only explains which steps to take, but how the process works.I have found it difficult in the past to source a Fourth Level textbook which strikes a good balance of questions for the learners in my class at this stage. Often exercises will not provide enough challenge, or at the other end of the spectrum, even the earlyquestions contain too much difficulty for a pupil to have a proper attempt. This textbook manages to both support and scaffold learners at the beginning of an exercise whilst providing an appropriate degree of challenge towards the end, as well as a good amount of rigour in-between.As with the Third Level book, a Planning and Assessment Pack is also available, containing assessments and homework for each topic as well as detailed teaching notes.This is a fantastic resource for any Mathematics classroom and/or as a home learning tool. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend to pupil, parent, or teacher. I will add a class set of these to my Christmas list! — Scottish Mathematical Council Journal, Issue 51

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