Austin Macauley Publishers
FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9781786298249
RRP: £17.99
PAGES: 312
PUBLICATION DATE: April 28, 2017


Dreamer in the Snows

By (author) David Forster

When five-year-old Kirsty Macrae has an accident, a series of events follows which are both mysterious and life-changing. The harsh and unforgiving weather conditions lead a sailing crew to land in the Scottish village of Lamlash, where they are called upon to help in Kirsty’s life-saving operation. Strong friendships are formed and a romance blossoms. During her operation, Kirsty dreams of being rescued from the snow by a flying reindeer, called Charity. Not unusual, as it’s nearly Christmas. Or was it a dream? Sometimes, dreams come true. No one can understand the things that happen surrounding Kirsty’s accident and operation, which makes it all the more magical. Is there a good Samaritan out there, or is it someone we don’t really believe in? The tracks and prints in the snow tell us to believe the unbelievable. To have a little faith and hope.

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