ISBN: 9780340927069
PAGES: 160 p.


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Revision Notes And Questions For Intermediate 2 Chemistry

The 2nd edition of this book offers a valuable revision tool and practice book for the newest arrangements of the Intermediate 2 Chemistry course offered by the Scottish Qualifications Authority. New fetaures include Glossary Terms at the end of each Unit, additions to the Chemical Dictionary, and new, amended and multiple choice Whole Course questions. It offers summaries of essential facts and theories, worked examples and a variety of questions, all of which help to support, reinforce and extend students’ learning and understanding. Includes multiple choice, grid and extended answer questions as well as Unit and Course level assessments Covers knowledge, understanding and problem-solving Answers provided, with explanatory detail where appropriate Also available Intermediate 2 Chemistry 2nd edition (0 340 91209 X) Intermediate 2 Chemistry 2nd edition with Answers (0 340 91210 3)

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