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FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9780340920435
RRP: £7.99
PAGES: 448


The Island House

By (author) Posie Graeme-Evans

When Freya Dane inherits the small Scottish island called Findnar, the young archaeologist finds a treasure house of notes and artifacts from the island’s Viking and Christian past. But that is just the beginning of a story that began in 800 AD. It is then that Signy, a young Pictish girl, survives a murderous Viking raid. Taken in by the Christian missionaries of Findnar, she learns their language and their ways – even the mysteries of writing. But before she can take her vows as a nun, she falls in love with the battle’s other survivor- a Viking boy called Magni. Forced to choose between her faith and the man she loves, Signy’s fate will be tragic …As Freya uncovers Signy’s story and the secrets hidden beneath her new home, she finally realizes that Findnar is as dangerous in the twenty-first century as it was twelve hundred years ago. ‘Bursting at the seams with romance, intrigue, visions from the past, Viking marauders, battles, and lost treasure …Whether a mystery, a romance, a thriller, or historical fiction, this is the perfect summer read.’ Library Journal

Reviews of The Island House

Historical fiction gallops to new heights in this debut tale of intrigue, lust and betrayal. Woman's Own on THE INNOCENT The reader is taken on a galloping ride through the Middle Ages and the shaky reign of Edward IV, the love of Anne's life. There's lust, conspiracy and impressive historical detail to set the scene. Daily Telegraph, Sydney on THE INNOCENT Posie Graeme-Evans' masterful prose brings vividly to life the colours, sounds, smells and sights of a romantic and thrilling period in history. Sydney Weekly Courier on THE EXILED The sequel to THE INNOCENT and every bit as good, with its richly detailed settings, intrigue, adventure and sizzling love affair between King Edward and Lady Anne. Australian Women's Weekly on THE EXILED

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