Travels With My Granny



Otter-Barry Books Ltd
FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9781910959343
RRP: £11.99
PUBLICATION DATE: September 1, 2018


Travels With My Granny

By (author) Juliet Rix; Illustrated by Christopher Corr

When my granny was younger she crossed rivers and mountain ranges, explored jungles and towering cities. Now her legs won’t carry her much further than the door. But she still travels – and sometimes she takes me with her…Granny has travelled all over the world, to India, Egypt, China and Peru. And she still travels – in her mind and in her stories. The grown-ups say Granny doesn’t know where she is, but her grandchild can’t wait to go on another adventure. “Where are we going now, Granny?”A sensitive introduction to old-age confusion and dementia, through the loving and imaginative relationship between Granny and her grandchild – and their colourful journeys.”Such a gentle, positive and fascinating way of introducing a child to dementia” Tessa Gutteridge, Director YoungDementia UK”This book is fabulous and I know it will be really helpful” April Dobson, head of Dementia Innovation, Abbeyfield Society

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