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Squaw Pies

Squaw Pies started with cookbooks and has since expanded to include novels and short stories, some with a particular focus on vegan themes.

An annual publication is the Vegan Tales volume where we work with a wide range of writers from all over the world. A few are novels from a writer we have particularly admired. Various of our books are developed with people and organisations that make their living from food such as restaurants like El Piano Ltd & Aagrah and wholesalers like Suma.

We are particularly interested in novel ways to connect books to people, in particular populations that may not ordinarily use them. In 2019 we proposed an innovative program suitable for Scottish libraries and in 2020 began working with Glasgow Life – pairing books with food and undertaking live cooking workshops in libraries. This program is now being extended to a ZOOM platform. Additionally we are working with Glasgow Life to add our short food films, tied in to our food titles, to their library resources. Developing book titles with the Scottish prison population is another of our projects in plan for 2021.

With SQUAW we honour the indigenous blood of our First Nations’ grandmothers and granddaughters: Cheyenne, Cherokee & Quechua. PIES, on the one hand, grandly proposes the Physical, Intellectual, Emotional and Spiritual nature of humankind, and PIES, on the other hand, simply celebrates the bare pleasures of cooking, perhaps the last great oral tradition of the West!

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