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Strident Publishing

Strident is a dynamic publisher of fiction for children, teenagers and young adults, with several big crossover tiles on our list.

Strident produces books that are bold and modern and cry out to be read and discussed. We are renowned for working hard for our titles and authors and for achieving sales overseas as well as at home.

Our list includes titles by award-winning, shortlisted and bestselling authors including Gillian Philip (YA/adult crossover – Firebrand,Bloodstone, Wolfsbane  and Bad Faith), Linda Strachan (Teenage – Spider and Dead Boy Talking), Catherine MacPhail (8+ – Granny Nothing), DA Nelson (9+ – DarkIsle and DarkIsle: Resurrection), Keith Charters (9+ – Lee and the Consul Mutants and Lee on the Dark Side of the Moon), Paul Biegel (7+ – The King of the Copper Mountains), Emma Barnes (7+ – Jessica Haggerthwaite: Witch Dispatcher, How (Not) To Make Bad Children Good and Wolfie), Matt Cartney (10+ – The Sons of Rissouli and Red, White and Black), Charlotte Kandel (10+ – The Enchanted Riddle) Nick Green (10+ – The Cat Kin trilogy) and Hazel Allan (9+ – the Bree McCready trilogy).

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