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ICDCS 2018: Sixth International Conference on Durability of Concrete Structures

Editor-in-chief P A M Basheer

The International Conference on the Durability of Concrete Structures (ICDCS) series brings together leading experts in the field of concrete durability from around the world. The aim is to present and discuss recent progress and latest developments in materials technology, assessment of performance both in laboratories and on site, service life concepts and reuse and recycling of construction materials and products to enable concrete construction to be durable and sustainable.This conference at the University of Leeds is the sixth in the ICDCS series. It comprises over 110 papers covering seven key themes, preceded by plenary and keynote contributions.Summary content: Plenary papers: The performance of concrete in a marine environment; Alkali-activated cements and concretes – durability testing to underpin standardisation.Keynote papers: Service life and life-cycle assessment of reinforced concrete with fly ash and limestone calcined clay cement; Guiding principles in developing the South African approach to durability index testing of concrete; Estimated service life of carbonation exposed (cracked) concrete with pozzolans or self-healing agents; fib Model Code 2020 – durability design and through life management of new and existing structures; The bond behaviour between concrete and corroded reinforcement: state of the art; Analytical and quantitative aspects of surface moisture transport and plastic shrinkage cracking; Performance of RC slabs under the combined effect of applied loads and restrained shrinkage; Mesoscopic model of drying shrinkage and its application into control of shrinkage cracking. Influence of constituents of concrete: Performance in service environment; Testing, inspection and monitoring; Methods of improving durability; Repair and maintenance; Durability and service life modelling; Design for durability and service life

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