FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9781785301315
RRP: £8.99
PAGES: 176
PUBLICATION DATE: September 1, 2017


Dr Jekyll and Mr Seek

By (author) Anthony O'Neill

The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde Continues…Seven years after the death of Edward Hyde, a stylish gentleman shows up in foggy London claiming to be Dr. Henry Jekyll. Only Mr. Utterson, Jekyll’s faithful lawyer and confidant, knows that he must be an impostor – because Jekyll was Hyde. But as the man goes about charming Jekyll’s friends and reclaiming the estate, and as the bodies of potential challengers start piling up, Utterson is left fearing for his life …and questioning his own sanity.This brilliantly imagined and beautifully written sequel to one of literature’s greatest masterpieces perfectly complements the original work. And where the original was concerned with the duality of man, this sequel deals with the possibility of identity theft of the most audacious kind. Can it really be that this man who looks and acts so precisely like Dr Henry Jekyll is an imposter?

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