A Perfect Stocking Filler: How to Get Into Fashion by Eunice Olumide

‘I feel that this will help people and that’s the only purpose.’

With only a few shopping days until Christmas, BooksfromScotland recommends picking up Luath Press’s guide to the fashion industry, How to Get Into Fashion. It’s a small, but a perfectly formed, stocking filler, and its author, Eunice Olumide, talks to BooksfromScotland about its publication.


How to Get Into Fashion
By Eunice Olumide
Published by Luath Press


How to Get Into Fashion may be a book dinky enough to fit in a pocket or a handbag, but its author, Eunice Olumide—Scotland’s first black supermodel—is someone with big ideas and is working hard to have the world catch up with her. She laughs as she recalls that she decided to write the book as ‘my family were going to kick me out of the house for spending so much time on social media.’ Following a successful career in modelling, acting and activism, Eunice had gathered a massive following online offering advice to aspiring models on a range of topics such as how to get an agent, what to expect from agents, what to wear to a casting, as well as make up tips for meetings. The guidance proved so popular, she realised capturing it all in a book would save her time—as well as her tweeting thumbs—and give herself the space to concentrate on her other projects.

Eunice has enjoyed success in the fashion world, but knows a lot of work needs to be done to make the industry a safer, more ethical place of work. Realising that there was no union for models, she joined forces with Equity to campaign for protection and representation for models, even speaking at the House of Lords on developing legislation. She is also keenly aware that though the fashion industry, compared to other culture sectors, are leaders in diversity often representing people of colour, different kinds of masculinity, and, in the main, paying women more than men, there is still a lot of work to be done to represent the true diverse nature of our multicultural world.

Still, in writing How to Get Into Fashion, Eunice is keen to focus on the positives in her advice to fashionistas young and old. The book also includes chapters on healthy eating, fitness, and information on jobs in fashion outside of modelling. She is also keen to focus on keeping good mental health with advice on common roadblocks, how to deal with rejection, and how to create your own definition of success.

When BfS asked Eunice about her own successes, though she admitted ‘being in Italian Vogue was pretty cool,’ her proudest moments were getting her Masters degree at 21—she was the first of her family to go to university—along with her charity work. She has also branched out from modelling into acting and broadcasting, and is heavily involved in the arts with a permanent space in the National Museum of Scotland as well as her own gallery in London. She was also named as a design champion for the V & A in Dundee when it opened this year. Eunice takes her busy schedule in her stride saying ‘I see myself as an artist and I communicate myself through my art in different ways.’

And her last piece of advice for her readers? ‘Be honest and real because people can tell.’ We heartily agree.


How to Get Into Fashion by Eunice Olumide is published by Luath Press, priced £9.99.


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