FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9781782116936
RRP: £30.00
PAGES: 336
PUBLICATION DATE: September 7, 2017


A Place for All People

By (author) Richard Rogers

Richard Rogers is one of the pre-eminent architects of his generation, whose approach to buildings is infused with his love of life, strong sense of social justice, and his playful aesthetic sense. From the Pompidou Centre in Paris to the Lloyds Building in the City of London, and from his inspirational Maggie’s Centre for cancer sufferers to his Y:Cube housing for homeless young people, he has – by thinking his way from the outside in – turned what architecture can do inside out. A Place for All People is both the engaging and inspirational story of Richard Rogers’ life as an architect and simultaneously a book about creating a better society by creating better places to live. Ranging backwards and forwards over a long and creative life, and integrating relationships, projects, stories, collaborations and arguments with case studies, drawings and photographs, A Place for All People is a dazzling and inspiring book as original as its author.

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