FORMAT: Paperback / softback
ISBN: 9781912489527
RRP: £9.99
PAGES: 352
PUBLICATION DATE: October 7, 2021


Constitution Street: Finding Hope in an Age of Anxiety

By (author) Jemma Neville

Welcome to Constitution Street. In this updated edition, Jemma Neville explores what real life stories from neighbours on one street in Leith reveal about our recent constitutional crisis in an age of anxiety pre- and post-COVID 19. Part memoir, part social history, part exploration of a new constitution for the day we live in, Neville’s debut encourages a reclamation of human rights practice as something that belongs to each of us, too important to be left solely to politicians and lawyers.Jemma gets to know the people and stories that have lived on her street for decades, showcasing real life accounts of perseverance, courage and vulnerability, and that extraordinary stories are waiting behind every door. Constitution Street takes an essential view on the global issue of human rights through the lens of one street and its inhabitants.

Reviews of Constitution Street: Finding Hope in an Age of Anxiety

"Both personal and political, insightful but never judgemental and, above all, compassionate. An essential read for anyone who wants to move forward, with hope." – Helen Sedgwick (The Growing Season); "A love letter to Scotland – its past, present and future – and an exhilarating portrait of the power of community in a time of change. Transformative and inspirational." – Gavin Francis (Shapeshifters); "This is a beguiling and important book that will leave you haunted by the Constitution Street of the past and present. It opens an important conversation about our communities and country." – Sara Sheridan (Where Are The Women?)

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