‘Mon the Workers: Celebrating 125 Years of the Scottish Trades Union Congress



FORMAT: Paperback / softback
ISBN: 9781804250334
RRP: £16.99


‘Mon the Workers: Celebrating 125 Years of the Scottish Trades Union Congress

By (author) Daniel Gray; By (photographer) Alan McCredie

The postman and the primary teacher, the midwife and the musician. Workers in shops, workers at sea. Solidarity with the Columbian farmer and the Palestinian fireman…Modern trade unionists in Scotland perform all types of role in every imaginable location and are drawn from all backgrounds. They campaign to win on issues facing the colleague next to them and a comrade thousands of miles away.’Mon the Workers lets them tell their stories, in their words. It is a celebration of 125 years of the STUC, and a clarion call for the next generation to agitate, organise and win.’Mon the Workers demonstrates past achievements, explores the ideas trade unionists have fought for and rouses the movement towards future victories. 75 trade union members, reps and officials tell short stories of union life from the anti-apartheid movement to Wick Wants Work. Their written portraits are accompanied by 50 charismatic documentary images of other, fellow trade unionists.Surprising, amusing, touching and occasionally infuriating, this very human book pulsates with the heartbeat of the trade union movement which has achieved so much and still has more to do.

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