FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781910012550
RRP: £9.99
PAGES: 160
PUBLICATION DATE: March 22, 2018


Probably the Best Idea in the World

By (author) Mark Greene

At the heart of everything there is one very good idea – the true currency of our society, the key to all human flourishing and happiness. That idea is very simple.It is love, actually. Love God. Love one another. Your neighbour. Your enemy.Simple – but far from easy. As the statistics and prolific stories of broken friendships, toxic workplaces, divided churches, dysfunctional families and lonely people testify. And yet it is a commandment. Not just a good idea, but the most important one, the one from which all the others flow.With brilliant storytelling and deep theological insight, Mark Greene explores Jesus’ familiar yet greatest command as a simple but liberating framework to help us make decisions that enhance rather than damage our relationships – whether it’s about replacing a dishwasher or managing a team. He challenges us to put relationships deliberately back at the heart of all thingsFull of humour, contemporary examples and research, Probably The Best Idea in the World shows how Jesus’ emphasis on thinking relationally is not only a liberating basis for our personal lives, but a dynamic foundation for our workplaces, our society, and our global community…… because putting relationships first transforms everything.

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