ISBN: 9780995631403
RRP: £10.00
PUBLICATION DATE: October 26, 2016


The Magic Button

Uroš Hrovat

Jake is a curious young boy who lives in a small town where nothing really happens. “The holidays are even worse, when all his friends are away…”, while Jake tries to defeat boredom by playing with his cat. Then, one night, at first no different to any other nights, weird things begin to happen. A mysterious truck with no headlights arrives, and an endless line of oddly shaped live beings that are definitely not human, start to march out of the truck, making an orderly line towards the neighbouring house that has been sitting empty for years. Regardless of the fear and a bit of excitement too, sleep gets the better of Jake, who then, in the morning, finally finds out that a new neighbour moved into the house next door. Once he meets Zook a new world of adventures opens up and all the boredom is forever forgotten.

Not just The Magic Button, the first in the line of ten books, but the following books in the series Zook – The Amazing Inventor, take Jake, Ferdinand, their friends and most importantly, the reader, to a place where imagination never ends

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