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Harry Morris

Harry Morris was born and raised in Plantation, Glasgow, in 1951. Prior to retiring from the Strathclyde Police Force after completing 29 years police service. Morris was involved with a Scottish/Irish Folk Band and performed the duties of Manager, Administrator, Treasurer, Agent and Organiser. Within one year, he raised the profile and quickly transformed them from a local pub band to international status, performing with some of the biggest names in Folk music.

Harry became part of the performing side of the band, playing percussion, organising stage-craft movement, choreographed the action on stage, involved himself in all musical arrangements, introduced humour to the live performances and arranged regular rehearsals, culminating in the recording of two musical CDs.

In 2003/4 he left the band to concentrate fully on his own projects, such as writing about all the funny stories he collated over his years in the police service. Initially, he went about self-publishing his own work, marketing, obtaining orders from book shops, creating his own publicity, contacting Radio Stations and Newspapers, making personal appearances at shops to sign his books, invoicing, delivering and packing. Everything required in getting his work out to the people who matter most, the buying public.

He performs regularly, afternoons and evenings at Libraries, Writers Work Shops, Roundtables, Art Centres, Town Halls, Theatres and Festivals. Harry Morris now lives in Waterfoot, Eaglesham.

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