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PUBLICATION DATE: February 10, 2017



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By (author) Karl Martin

The moment Jesus kneels with a towel and bowl to wash his disciples’ feet. The point where he looks Peter in the eye and predicts betrayal. That intimate, urgent prayer to the Father for the disciples. That resolute strength before the Sanhedrin, before Pilate, before the crowd. The cross. The talk with Mary in the Garden. The walk with Peter at Galilee.The later chapters of the Gospel of John form what is for many the deepest and most moving accounts of all Scripture. They also form a detailed description of Jesus’ final days and hours on earth, Jesus final instructions to his team as he prepares to hand on his ministry.Karl Martin mines this incredibly rich vein of Scripture to draw lessons for leadership, leadership in Jesus’ way. Leadership in the way of Jesus is about humility, about investing your life in your team, about facing betrayal, about dying to self, about handing on, about succession. Ultimately, true leadership is not about seeing others serve your dream – it is about seeing others released into the dreams, the gifting and calling that the Lord has placed on their lives. It is about something beyond you.This deceptively profound, honest and practical book gives great insight for leaders – challenge for younger leaders, encouragement for mid-life leaders, and refreshment for the mature leaders – and what may be some of the most significant lessons of their leadership life.

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