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‘It didn’t matter that he’d saved the village many times over. What mattered was that he was nice and polite, which were definitely not good Viking qualities.’

The wonderful David Macphail has set his latest Thorfinn adventure, Thorfinn the Nicest Viking and the Putrid Potion, in the Great Kingdom of Galloway. If you’ve yet to aquaint yourself with the world’s nicest viking, then we have David reading from a previous Thorfinn adventure for you to enjoy.


Thorfinn the Nicest Viking and the Putrid Potion
By David Macphail
Published by Floris Books


And if you’d like to create your own putrid potion, head over to the Floris website to find our how.


Thorfinn the Nicest Viking and the Putrid Potion by David Macphail is published by Floris Books, priced £5.99

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