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“The Vikings were a funny lot. They believed the earth was flat. They believed that if you died with a sword in your hand you’d be carried off to Viking heaven, known as Valhalla, and if you stuff a small radish up your nose far enough, you could tickle your brain.”

Velda is a tiny warrior with a big axe and an even bigger attitude. While some think girls can’t be proper Vikings, Velda certainly doesn’t agree. Dive into Velda’s adventure courtesy of this reading by David MacPhail for BooksfromScotland.

Velda the Awesomest Viking and the Ginormous Frost Giants
By David MacPhail, illustrated by Richard Morgan
Published by Kelpies


Velda the Awesomest Viking and the Ginormous Frost Giants by David MacPhail and Richard Morgan is published by Kelpies, priced £6.99.

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