Eric Linklater

Although he was born in Wales, author Eric Robert Russell Linklater is strongly associated with Aberdeen, where he was schooled, and Orkney, the birthplace of his father and where he lived for many years. Linklaer studied at Aberdeen Grammar School and Aberdeen University, first reading medicine before moving to journalism following World War I. In 1925, he became editor of the Times of India.

Eric Linklater’s first novel, White Maa’s Saga, was informed by his family’s background in Orkney, and he went on to write over 20 novels, as well as short stories, travel writing and two autobiographies, The Man on my Back and later Fanfare for a Tin Hat. He also wrote for children, with books such as The Pirates and the Deep Green Sea.

Linklater married Marjorie MacIntyre in 1933, and they had four children together. He died in 1974, and is buried on Orkney.

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