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Meg Henderson

Journalist and author Meg Henderson was born in Glasgow, the youngest of three children. She lived is several parts of the city. When she was 11 her aunt Peggy died aged just 27 during childbirth, and her first book Finding Peggy was born out of her research into her family history.

Meg Henderson left school aged 16, having had to care for her family ever since the death of Peggy; her mother and alcoholic father being unable to cope with the loss. She first worked for the NHS, then travelled to India with the Voluntary Service Overseas. When she returned to Scotland she married and adopted her two children. She now lives with her husband on the East Coast of Scotland, and works as a journalist writing for newspapers and television. She says her first love has always been writing; her most recent novel is Ruby.

Henderson’s novels are generally set in pre-war and wartime Glasgow.

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