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Robert Alan Jamieson

Writer, poet and translator Robert Allan Jamieson was born in Lerwick and raised in Sandness. His stories and poems were first published in local magazines such as The New Shetlander and Shetland Life while he still a teenager. His first novel Soor Hearts was published in 1983, followed by a second novel, Thin Wealth, three years later.

Jamieson studied English at the University of Edinburgh in the late 1980s, during which time his first play was published. In 1983 he became co-editor of the Edinburgh Review, and from 1993 he was writer-in-residence at the William Soutar house in Perth. In 2001 he started tutoring in Creative Writing at the Edinburgh.

He now lives in the capital with his wife and three children. His most recent work is an illustrated version of Nort Atlantik Drift, a collection of poems written in Shetlandic.

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