FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781842058008
RRP: £5.99
PAGES: 388
PUBLICATION DATE: September 16, 2014


Afrikaans-English, English-Afrikaans Dictionary: With Over 28,000 Entries

Edited by Alet Kruger; Edited by Penny Grearson

Afrikaans-English, English-Afrikaans dictionary with over 28,000 entries. It has numbered senses and idioms, and is a compact bilingual resource for learners and visitors to South Africa. It shows parts of speech for every entry to aid correct usage. This new, concise Afrikaans-English, English-Afrikaans dictionary is particularly useful for students of language, and for business purposes. Inexpensive and accessible, it has clear and comprehensive content, with lists of verb structures, auxiliary verbs, irregular verbs, and quick and easy reference to over 28,000 entries. A new dictionary for G&G from 2014. A compact bilingual dictionary for learners of Afrikaans and ideal also for the visitor as well as the student. Contains a large selection of up-to-date words.

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