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ISBN: 9781786899804
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PUBLICATION DATE: August 6, 2020



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Antlers of Water: Writing on the Nature and Environment of Scotland

Edited by Kathleen Jamie

The first ever collection of contemporary Scottish writing on nature and landscape, Antlers of Water showcases the diversity and radicalism of new Scottish nature writing today. Edited, curated and introduced by the award-winning Kathleen Jamie, and featuring prose, poetry and photography, this inspiring collection takes us from walking to wild swimming, from red deer to pigeons and wasps, from remote islands to back gardens.With contributions from Amy Liptrot, Malachy Tallack, Chitra Ramaswamy, Jim Crumley, Amanda Thomson, Karine Polwart and many more, Antlers of Water urges us to renegotiate our relationship with the more-than-human world, in writing which is by turns celebratory, radical and political.

Reviews of Antlers of Water: Writing on the Nature and Environment of Scotland

Kathleen Jamie writes with unparalleled beauty, sharpness of observation, wit, delicacy, strength of vision and rare exactness of language * * Daily Telegraph * * Her achievement is to make us look again with completely fresh eyes at those creatures and places we had long presumed to know — MARK COCKER It is not often that the prose of a poet is as powerful as her verse, but Jamie's is — DIANA ATHILL The leading Scottish poet of her generation * * Sunday Times * * Kathleen Jamie is a supreme listener . . . and in the quietness of her listening, you hear her own voice: clear, subtle, respectful, and so unquenchably curious that it makes the world anew. This is as close as writing gets to a conversation with the natural world — RICHARD MABEY Praise for Kathleen Jamie: A sorceress of the essay form. Never exotic, down to earth, she renders the indefinable to the reader's ear. Hold her tangible words and they'll take you places — JOHN BERGER

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