Murdoch Books
FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9781743365700
RRP: £25.00
PAGES: 256
PUBLICATION DATE: December 3, 2015


Biota: Gather, Grow, Cook. Redefining Regional Australian Food

By (author) James Viles

Habitat-inspired food that uses local produce to create honest, pure dishes and every dish tells a story. Underlying James’ food is an understanding of the balance of animal and plant life in the Southern Highlands and cooking to reflect that, bringing together ingredients, textures, flavours that work together and complement each other. 60+ recipes, with accompanying stories, including the notion of biota (the philosophy of local, use what is at hand) and how it relates to the restaurant Biota ( . The recipes are home-cook friendly, for home cooks with domestic kitchens and non-professional kitchens/equipment/ingredients. The photography will capture the shooting, hunting and foraging that James does for Biota; the local Southern Highlands flora, fauna and seasons will feature throughout, as the backdrop to the food and the restaurant.

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