FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781906736613
RRP: £12.99
PUBLICATION DATE: February 1, 2017


BrightRED Study Guide CfE Higher English

By (author) Dr Christopher Nicol

This BrightRED Study Guide for the SQA CfE Higher English course has been carefully researched and organised to bring you all the help you might need to do well in the final exam and assessments. The book provides simply-worded explanations of challenging concepts and shows students how to answer exam-type questions. It will help with writing convincing essays of all kinds and with listening and talking for each of the Units.

To make the process of preparation easier, we’ve built in handy Don’t Forget and Things to Do and Think About text boxes to help you achieve the best possible grade. As well as all this fantastic book-based support, students will also find plenty of added activities, tests and links on the free BrightRED Digital Zone.


Tackling the Units

Reading for Understanding, Analysis and Evaluation

Critical Essay

Critical Reading: Scottish Texts

The Folio

Ways of Working

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