FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781906736668
RRP: £12.99`99
PUBLICATION DATE: November 1, 2015


BrightRED Study Guide CfE Higher Modern Studies

By (authors) Caleb Marwick, Heidi Stoutjesdyk and Derek Timpany

CfE Higher Modern Studies is one of the most popular subjects in the Scottish curriculum with over 10,000 young people sitting the qualification annually. As well as allowing you to develop a deeper understanding of international contemporary political and socio-economic issues, you will improve your skills as a critical and reflective thinker.

This BrightRED Study Guide for CfE Higher Modern Studies will give you the best possible chance of achieving success in the Higher Modern Studies course. It contains a range of information covering each part of the course and will increase your understanding of key topics and themes through the provision of high quality descriptions and current exemplification. You will find important facts, key points, useful websites and interesting video clips (on the BrightRED Digital Zone), with an extensive range of questions and activities.


Democracy in Scotland and the United Kingdom
Social Issues in the United Kingdom
Global Issues of Development
Two Global Powers: China and USA

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