FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781906736323
RRP: £12.99
PUBLICATION DATE: September 1, 2013


BrightRED Study Guide N5 Biology

By (authors) Margaret Cook and Fred Thronhill

The SQA National 5 Biology course provides opportunities for you to acquire knowledge and skills relevant to current biological topics. The National 5 Biology Study Guide from Bright Red covers all the major areas of biology, ranging from the study of unicellular organisms to the complex relationships between organisms in an ecosystem.

The aim of this book is to help you develop the skills of scientific inquiry, investigation and analytical thinking, along with the required knowledge and understanding to help you succeed in your exam. You will also research issues and communicate information related to your findings, developing skills of scientific literacy. The National 5 Biology Study Guide from Bright Red also offers plenty of activities and tests, with lots of extra material also available on the free Bright Red Digital Zone.


Cell Biology

Multicellular Organisms

Life on Earth


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