FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781906736828
RRP: £12.99
PUBLICATION DATE: August 1, 2015


BrightRED Study Guide N5 French – Enhanced Edition

By (authors) Lisa Albarracin and Orla Herron

This new edition of the BrightRED Study Guide for National 5 French replaces the older edition and includes 16 new pages of invaluable listening exercises. This book focuses on your work in the year leading up to the National 5 French examination. It offers you a study ‘toolkit’ containing: topic-by-topic revision of the National 5 course; progression through contexts and suggested topics; development of language skills, effective techniques for handling exam questions and a range of ways to revise, either on your own or with friends.

Not only will this book help you prepare for and do well in National 5 French, it will also help lay down the skills you will need to do well next year if you decide to continue with CfE Higher French or study a new modern language at Higher or CfE Higher, go into further study or training, or simply continue into the world of work. The National 5 Study Guide also includes a wealth of extra material on the BrightRED Digital Zone. Audio files are available on the Downloads tab of this page.


Assessment and the Exam
Language Skills
Dictionary Skills
Unit Assessments
The Reading Paper
The Listening Paper
The Writing Paper
Glossary – Useful Vocabulary

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