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Cruising with Robert Louis Stevenson: Travel, Narrative, and the Colonial Body

By (author) Oliver S. Buckton

Cruising with Robert Louis Stevenson: Travel, Narrative, and the Colonial Body is the first book-length study about the influence of travel on Robert Louis Stevensonu2019s writings, both fiction and nonfiction. Within the contexts of late-Victorian imperialism and ethnographic discourse, the book offers original close readings of individual works by Stevenson while bringing new theoretical insights to bear on the relationship between travel, authorship, and gender identity.Oliver S. Buckton develops u201ccruisingu201d as a critical term, linking Stevensonu2019s leisurely mode of travel with the striking narrative motifs of disruption and fragmentation that characterize his writings. Buckton follows Stevensonu2019s career from his early travel books to show how Stevensonu2019s major works of fiction, such as Treasure Island, Kidnapped, and The Ebb-Tide, derive from the innovative techniques and materials Stevenson acquired on his global travels.Exploring Stevensonu2019s pivotal role in the revival of u201cromanceu201d in the late nineteenth century, Cruising with Robert Louis Stevenson highlights Stevensonu2019s treatment of the human body as part of his resistance to realism, arguing that the energies and desires released by travel are often routed through resistant or comic corporeal figures. Buckton also focuses on Stevensonu2019s writing about the South Seas, arguing that his groundbreaking critiques of European colonialism are formed in awareness of the fragility and desirability of Polynesian bodies and landscapes.Cruising with Robert Louis Stevenson will be indispensable to all admirers of Stevenson as well as of great interest to readers of travel writing, Victorian ethnography, gender studies, and literary criticism.

Reviews of Cruising with Robert Louis Stevenson: Travel, Narrative, and the Colonial Body

"Buckton's book offers a series of original, and at times, provocative reappraisals of some of Stevenson's most undervalued writings."English Literature in Transition "Buckton convincingly argues for continued consideration of Stevenson as a writer who productively engaged with the social concerns of the contemporaneous moment."Rocky Mountain Review "Buckton's scholarly synthesis pushes us to reconsider the relationship between travel writing and fiction in Stevenson's body of work and to examine the intersections between issues such as colonialism and same-sex desire across genres."Victorian Studies

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