FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781782117049
RRP: £6.99
PAGES: 352
PUBLICATION DATE: September 7, 2017


Dragon’s Green

By (author) Scarlett Thomas

AFTER THE WORLDQUAKE, MAGIC IS SEEPING INTO OUR WORLD Effie Truelove has made a promise to keep her grandfather’s magical books safe from danger. Whatever it takes. But it’s not always easy when you’re a pupil at the Tusitala School for the Gifted, Troubled and Strange. Together with her new school-friends, Maximilian, Wolf, Lexy and Raven, Effie must travel to the mysterious Otherworld and brave the terrifying Diberi, a secret organisation with plans that could destroy the entire universe.

Reviews of Dragon’s Green

The most exciting debut in children's fiction since HARRY POTTER. Immersive, engaging, original; delightful in its details (a bun shop that serves as a portal to Otherworld; a library of Last Editions; a Princess School in which girls are trained to be appealing to dragons); playful, warm and yet thrilling, too — JOANNE HARRIS An entrancing novel that stands on its prose … set in a dystopian future after a massive quake has annihilated modern technology … She is far too inventive a writer ever to let us feel we've been here before * Daily Telegraph * This tale of magical education is a cracker … has its own distinctive style * Guardian * Superb fantasy ***** * Sunday Telegraph * Lively, inventive, phrase-making fantasy … revels in evocative spells, names and descriptions of quaint shops, fabulous food and delicious interiors … has something of J.K. Rowling's capacity to delight * Sunday Times * In this children's debut from adult fantasy writer Thomas, a young girl inherits a magical library and discovers you can – quite literally – become lost in a book … The first book in the Worldquake Sequence augurs well for what is to follow * Sunday Post * Full of surprises … Spells. Wands. Portals. A child marked out for greatness … Effie and her friends, rugby-mad Wolf and swotty Max, are cooler and funnier than anyone at Hogwarts as they rush around trying to collect magical artefacts. In a plot turning on the theft of a library where the chief villain is a book dealer, the real magic, Thomas insists, lies in literature itself * Financial Times * In vivid, inviting prose, Thomas deftly evokes an original, intriguing post-technological Earth looming with evil where "books are magic" and memorable misfits become heroes. A compelling new fantasy series with an unlikely heroine, quirky helpers, dragons, portals, witches, and wizards * Kirkus * An enthralling tale, set in a sprawling world that swallowed me whole — Kiran Millwood Hargrave, author of THE GIRL OF INK & STARS A magical adventure that fizzes and crackles with enchantment. I was absolutely bedazzled — HILARY McKAY Gorgeous and funny – and a lovely celebration of the magic of books! — Helen Falconer, author of THE CHANGELING PRAISE FOR OTHER BOOKS BY SCARLETT THOMAS: Ingenious and original… A cracking good yarn fizzing with intelligence — PHILIP PULLMAN Entrancing … one of the sharpest fantasies I've encountered — NEIL GAIMAN

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