FORMAT: Journal
ISBN: 23986301
RRP: £15.00
PAGES: 144
PUBLICATION DATE: August 1, 2016


Elementum Edition One

The first edition of Elementum explores the theme of calling. We set sail on untameable oceans that renew the love of home, and revisit the enduring myth of the Mermaid of Zennor. We take to the trail in the company of Yosemite National Park’s black bears, and a writer recalls how the inspiration for a story was heard within a silent landscape. We reflect on the enduring song of the humpback whale, and a musician reveals how a long-dormant vocation was birthed.

The inspiration for this first edition has come from living near the sea. Barely explored and partly understood, Earth’s last remaining frontier remains a source of mystery and imagination, reflection and possibility. Perhaps there is no better place to start our journey than where all life began.

Elementum is a collectable coffee-table journal that explores our connection to the natural world. It is for the curious and questioning, for lovers of art and story, for those as open to understanding the world told through ancient myth as explained through scientific research. Guided by a different theme for each edition, Elementum is published twice a year.

If you enjoy reading about the natural world and its associated folklore, appreciate exquisite artwork, informed writing, clean design, and highest quality print then Elementum is a perfect new addition to your library.

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