University of California Press
FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9780520285583
RRP: £35.00
PAGES: 376
PUBLICATION DATE: September 7, 2018


Experiencing Latin American Music

By (author) Carol A. Hess

In Experiencing Latin American Music, Carol A. Hess offers a new approach to human experience as a point of departure for musical understanding. Students explore topics such as music and identity, music and the body, music and religion, and other broad themes as they relate to the study of musics of Latin America. Guided by Hess’s brisk and engaging writing, they gain fluency with musical concepts and cultural-historical contexts. Nearly fifty musical genres are covered, each recorded in Spotify and each accompanied by an online audio guide. A detailed instructor packet contains sample quizzes, clicker questions, and creative, classroom-tested assignments designed to encourage critical thinking and spark the imagination. Remarkably flexible, this new textbook empowers instructors from a variety of disciplines to offer a class that is increasingly relevant in today’s diverse society.In addition to Instructors’ Resources, online resources for students will include:Customized Spotify playlistOnline audio guidesAudio appendices composed for further listeningStimulating activities for solo and group work

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