FORMAT: Paperback / softback
ISBN: 9781910682395
RRP: £10.99
PAGES: 240
PUBLICATION DATE: February 27, 2020


Going to the Berries: Voices of Perthshire and Angus Seasonal Workers

By (author) Roger Leitch; Edited by Caroline Milligan

Pickers come from near and far, year after year, for the berry-picking season, and from a variety of backgrounds.In the 20th century, for local people, both adults and children, it was an opportunity to supplement the family income; Glasgow folk combined it with a holiday. For the Scottish Traveller community it was an annual opportunity to meet up with friends and family, and forge new relationships.Roger Leitch encouraged many of those berry pickers to share their (mostly happy) recollections for this book – which is published at a time of political change with challenges for the soft fruit cultivation business.He also interviewed workers in other seasonal employments: potato picking; working with sheep: lambing/clipping/dipping; with crops: hay/bracken/reed/flax cutting and sugar-beet lifting; fencing; repairing drystone dykes; being a deer ghillie or a river ghillie or water bailiff; salmon fishing.

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