Cognella, Inc
FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781634879231
RRP: £150.00
PAGES: 664
PUBLICATION DATE: January 30, 2018


Intercultural Communication: Adapting to Emerging Global Realities

By (author) Wenshan Jia

The reader Intercultural Communication: Adapting to Emerging Global Realities teaches readers how to adapt to new, emerging global realities. The selected readings focus on significant, new players in the global political economy, most notably the BRICS nations, to enhance knowledge and communicative competence of all parties at stake.The first several units of the text are geared to specific countries and geographical regions. In addition to extensive material on Brazil, Russia, India, China, and South Africa, the material addresses communicative issues related to the Middle East, Europe, and Africa as a whole. The final units are dedicated to exploring challenges confronting the United States as a global power, global communication theory, and specific training and consulting for global communicative capabilities.Featuring the writing of authors from many diverse disciplines, nations, and cultures, Intercultural Communication cultivates global citizenship and improves professional communication skills. The anthology is suitable for use in both undergraduate and graduate level classes in intercultural and global communication, international and global business, and international and global studies.

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