FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781849525237
RRP: £6.99


Iona: A Map

By (author) The Iona Community

‘I sometimes take this map out – when I’ve been away from Iona for far too long a time – and read it like a poetry book: I gaze at the beautiful artwork and place names: ‘Sacred hollow’, ‘The old man’s hill’, ‘Port of the coracle’, ‘Bay at the back of the ocean’, ‘White strand of the monks’, ‘Port of black stones’, ‘The pigeons’ cave’…Reading the map takes me back to all the magical and life-changing times I’ve had on Iona. It somehow helps me to find myself again and to rekindle the wonder.’ IONA – burial place of Scottish kings and a cradle for Christianity over fifteen centuries – is situated off the island of Mull on the West Coast of Scotland. Each year it attracts over 120,000 visitors. This map is for all those visitors. It is also for all those around the world who will never make the physical journey. For it evokes the history and poetry of the isle of Iona, including detailed sections on the Abbey, the village, the geology of Iona and the 18-hole Iona ‘golf course’. It is both for practical use and for taking you back to the sacred isle. This new edition has been extensively redrawn to reflect new and changed use of buildings, rerouted fence lines, etc.Available in folded and flat editions Folded edition: 580 x 825 mm folded to 105 x 150 mm, with laminated card pouch

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