FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781849952866
RRP: £60.00
PAGES: 416
PUBLICATION DATE: August 2, 2016


Manual of Aerial Survey: Primary Data Acquisition

By (author) Roger Read; By (author) Ron Graham

Primary data acquisition is the front end of mapping, GIS and remote sensing and involves: aviation, navigation, photography, cameras (film and digital systems), GPS systems, surveying (ground control), photogrammetry and computerized systems.This book deals with differential GPS systems, survey flight management systems (both simple and sophisticated), film types, modern film survey cameras such as LH RC-30, Z/I RMK-TOP, digital cameras, infrared methods, laser profilers, airborne laser mapping, satellite systems, laboratory processing (chemical and digital), camera platforms (fixed wing and helicopter). A fresh approach to the subject includes: soft-copy photogrammetry using desk-top computerized systems, film scanners and direct digital camera inputs. Comparisons are made between old film-based technologies and the new digital camera systems, including the Z/I modular digital mapping camera and the LH ‘push-broom’ ADS 40 camera.

Reviews of Manual of Aerial Survey: Primary Data Acquisition

'…this is a reference book that should be on every photogrammetrist's bookshelf whether they work in government, industry or academia. It has a good mix of theory and practical application to be useful for a broad range of expertise'. Spatial Science ——————– '…is an important reference manual for every professional all over the world involved in surveying the earth from the air'. GIM International ——————– '…a comprehensive and often detailed practical treatment of all the various aspects of image acquisition from the air. … …as an authoritative treatment of a vital supporting aspect of geomatics it should feature on the shelves of libraries serving every teaching institution for the geomatics profession'. Geomatics World ——————– '…is a great source of information relating to aerial acquisition and is a resource that I will gladly place on my bookshelf'. POB ——————– '…a book to recommend to anyone involved in aerial survey. It has potential, both as a learning text for students of the subject, and as a reference manual…' SoC Bulletin ——————– '…an essential reference… It is comprehensive in its coverage, easy to navigate and useful for both the existing professioinal … and the student…' Photogrammetric Record

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