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ISBN: 9781909141704
RRP: £25.00
PAGES: 128
PUBLICATION DATE: October 3, 2016


Mindful Relationships – Seven Skills for Success: Integrating the Science of Mind, Body and Brain

This book is an essential tool for professionals wanting to bring mindfulness-informed practices into their lives and incorporate it into their work and organizations. * It begins by providing a rationale for stress reduction vis-a-vis an accessible review of the research regarding the neurophysiological effects of stress and its deleterious impact on health, behavior and interpersonal relationship dynamics. * The remainder of the book is devoted to the innovative BREATHE program. Each chapter explores one aspect of BREATHE (breath, recognizing sensations, experiencing emotions, appraising the situation, taking time, humor and engaging others) through engaging personal stories, professional anecdotes and cutting edge research. * Chapters 4-10 include simple, highly impactful practices that correspond to the chapter’s theme. These tools are particularly designed for those wanting to incorporate mindfulness-informed practices into their lives and professional practice.*These principles and practices are as much about the inner journey as they are tools to create satisfying, successful and sustainable personal relationships* This is an accessible, pragmatic book that provides tools from yoga, Buddhist and mindfulness traditions in a secular, evidence-based format.

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