FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781902927510
RRP: £9.99
PAGES: 256
PUBLICATION DATE: October 19, 2002


Rikki Fulton’s Reverend I.M.Jolly: Bk.1: How I Found God, and Why He Was Hiding from Me

By (author) Rikki Fulton; By (author) Tony Roper

The Rev I. M. Jolly is one of the funniest and most enduring television characters ever created, brought to life by Scotland’s best-loved comedian Rikki Fulton. Everyone has their favourite sketch, their favourite line or their funniest Jolly moment. But beyond the glamour of LAST CALL and away from the cameras, the Rev I. M. Jolly has a problem. Attendances at his regular Sunday services have slipped to a record low, and the Synod are not pleased. And when an ultimatum arrives in the post telling him he has one year to get bums on pews or he’ll be looking for other employment, Jolly realises it’s going to be hard work. But should he tell his wife, the dreaded Ephesia, or will that only make things ten times worse? How I Found God, and Why He Was Hiding From Me is the hilarious story of the Reverend I. M. Jolly, created by Rikki Fulton and brought to life by award winning writer Tony Roper.Follow Jolly’s adventures as he nearly wins the lottery, thinks Ephesia has a fancy man, visits Erica’s Erotic Massage Parlous, can’t seem to get anyone to come to church on a Sunday, even if he pays them, and contemplates a life of unemployment, indolence and even more misery – if that’s actually possible.

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