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FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781846970962
RRP: £6.99
PAGES: 351
PUBLICATION DATE: March 31, 2009


Savage Night

By (author) Allan Guthrie

How much blood would you spill to avenge those you love? Andy Park passes out at the sight of blood, but he thinks he’s discovered a way to make his family’s enemies pay. He isn’t prepared for the fall-out, though. Before long, his teenage son is in mortal danger, and his daughter and her fiance are knee-deep in corpses. Meanwhile, a masked man known as Mr Smith is blackmailing Tommy Savage – for what, he has no idea. After an attempt to gain the upper hand has near-fatal results, Tommy and his brother find themselves heading to a graveyard with only a couple of swords and a bag of cash for company. A blood-pumping tragi-comedy of love and violence, “Savage Night” unfolds over six frenetic hours in Scotland’s capital city.

Reviews of Savage Night

'Black comedy akin to the work of Christopher Brookmyre … If you have a robust sense of humour, you'll love this.' The Observer

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