FORMAT: Paperback
ISBN: 9781841958200
RRP: £9.99
PAGES: 720
PUBLICATION DATE: March 29, 2007



By (author) Robert Sabbag

“Snowblind” and “Smokescreen” are internationally recognised as the funniest and most illuminating books ever to have been written about the drug trade. Introduced by Howard ‘Mr Nice’ Marks, Sabbag’s classic, high-octane accounts of legendary cocaine smuggler Zachary Smith and pot smuggler Allen Long achieved cult status when Damien Hirst designed a limited edition of “Snowblind” (featuring a mirror cover, credit card bookmark and a $100 bill hidden inside).

Reviews of Snowblind/Smokescreen

"One of the first books about the cocaine trade and still among the best." Norman Mailer "A flat-out ballbuster. It moves like a threshing machine with a fuel tank of ether." Hunter S. Thompson "The scammer's bible… Snowblind has stood the test of time." Howard Marks "The resulting account will undoubtedly keep your pulse racing and adrenalin pumping." The Times"

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