ISBN: 9781904445159
PAGES: 226 p.


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Some Strange Scent Of Death

Set in the Outer Hebrides in the year 1900, Some Strange Scent of Death is based on a true story – the mysterious disappearance of the St. Flannan Isles lighthouse keepers. One hundred years later the mystery of the dramatic disappearance endures. What exactly did happen to the keepers? Locals believed they had been spirited away by the phantom of the isles; others thought that an enemy vessel had taken the men, or that a monster from the deep had lifted them bodily from the island. There was even talk of black-cowled ghosts. Although the truth is that they were probably swept away and drowned, rumours have played a big part in making this a mystery of Marie Celeste proportions which people still remember today. This is a story which resonates in the human unconscious. At the heart of the story are two men – one comes close to madness and the other drives himself along the path to doom through his obsession with his ‘quarry’. This gripping, well-researched story interweaves fact and fiction, including quotes from the original reports and documentation which bring a truly authentic feel to the story.

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