Pushkin Press
FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9781782278368
RRP: £16.99
PAGES: 384


Squeaky Clean

By (author) Callum McSorley

Half the Glasgow polis think DI Alison McCoist is bent. The other half just think she’s a fuck-up. No one thinks very much at all about carwash employee Davey Burnet, until one day he takes the wrong customer’s motor for a ride. One kidnapping later, he and the carwash are officially part of Glasgow’s criminal underworld, working for a psychopath who enjoys playing games like ‘Keep Yer Kneecaps’ with any poor bastard who crosses him. Can Davey escape from the gang’s clutches with his kneecaps and life intact? Perhaps this polis Ally McCoist who keeps nosing around the carwash could help. That’s if she doesn’t get herself killed first.

Reviews of Squeaky Clean

A manic tale of blood and suds told with laconic humour and warmly engaging characterisation. Callum McSorley is definitely a talent to watch. I knew within a page that I was in good hands –Chris Brookmyre

An absolute knockout of a debut! Pitch-dark and yet dripping with warmth, Squeaky Clean is a truly fresh take on the classic thriller. Packed with brilliantly drawn characters, laugh-out-loud humour, and lots of blood – what's not to love? Can't wait to see what my new favourite detective does next. –Caz Frear, author of Sweet Little Lies

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