FORMAT: Hardback
ISBN: 9780861538348
RRP: £25.00
PAGES: 264


The Challenge of Change: A History of the Church of Scotland Since 1945

By (author) Johnston McKay

The early centuries of the Church of Scotland’s history are well known. But the story of the post-war Church is less well documented and yet even more fascinating. The postwar years have been a time when the Church of Scotland and its members have been coping with the challenge of change on an unprecedented scale in every facet of the life of the Church. The rapidly gathering pace of change meant that the Church found itself facing new challenges on a scale that was even greater than the upheavals of the 19th-century Disruption. Will the 7 decades following WWII prove to have been the most crucial time in the Church’s entire history? This timely book provides an anchor and a place from which to understand the past and look forward, to face the opportunities and threats that lie ahead. This is the first book to thematically chart the Church’s crucial post-war history and it fills a much-needed gap. Providing post-war historical perspective on all the main issues and all aspects of the Church’s work, it offers readers the opportunity to learn from and take inspiration and understanding from the past.

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